Stylish and high-quality. Compact and portable. A patented innovation. A real eye-catcher, with a name that matches its look: BBQ SEVEN.
The BBQ SEVEN boasts unique functionality. It combines timeless beautiful design with unbeatable durability.

  • the BBQ SEVEN can be used as a carrying case when folded up, so that all barbecue utensils are always at hand
  • The BBQ SEVEN can be set up and is ready to use at the touch of a button
  • The BBQ SEVEN can be placed anywhere. Its ground spikes ensure it stays stable and secure, even on loose surfaces
  • The geometry of the BBQ SEVEN barbecue bowl facilitates the arrangement of different heat zones across the one grill level, allowing all to be used at the same time
  • The BBQ SEVEN is easy to store and doesn┤t take up much space. Folded up, it is only a quarter of the size of the fully set-up barbecue.
  • Made of aluminium and stainless steel, the BBQ SEVEN won┤t rust
  • Set up vertically the BBQ SEVEN can also be used as a heater
  • The BBQ SEVEN is initially available in 12 standard colours. Special colours upon request
  • Numerous stylish accessories extend the functions of the BBQ SEVEN